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NuVision Auto Glass Warranty

Last updated on: November 15, 2023

This lifetime warranty is good for ALL NuVision Auto Glass replacements & chip repairs. There’s no better warranty in the auto glass industry. It’s even better than any insurance companies warranty!


NuVision Auto Glass, LLC warrants installation of new automotive glass to be free from defects in material and workmanship upon delivery, subject to the Lifetime Warrant. Any problems caused by installation error, such as wind noise and water leaks, loose molding and some types of stress cracks, will at the option of NuVision Auto Glass, LLC be repaired or replaced at no cost to you. This Lifetime Warranty is valid for the life of the vehicle. Keep your original hand written invoice in your car at all times. As long as your vehicle is drivable and the current owner has the Lifetime Warranty with the “Warranty form Number”, NuVision Auto Glass, LLC will honor this Lifetime Warranty. To make a claim under this lifetime warranty, you must present this warranty/invoice as proof of chip repairs or replacement by NuVision Auto Glass, LLC. THIS LIFETIME WARRANT DOES NOT COVER leakage or stress cracks caused by pre-existing rust, structural damage, or other damage caused by vandalism, impact with foreign objects, or auto accident.


If NuVision Auto Glass, LLC has performed chip repairs to your automotive glass and you are not satisfied with such repairs, NuVision Auto Glass, LLC will credit the cost of the chip repair towards replacement of the glass by NuVision Auto Glass, LLC. In the event you request a repair of a rock chip or other damage caused by impact with foreign objects or by vandalism, you agree that NuVision Auto Glass, LLC shall not be responsible for breakage that occurs in attempting such repairs.


REPAIR OF REPLACEMENT OF YOUR AUTO GLASS AS PROVIDED UNDER THIS LIFETIME WARRANT IS YOU ONLY AN EXCLUSIVE REMEDY. This exclusive remedy will not be deemed to have failed its essential purpose so long as NuVision Auto Glass, LLC is willing and able to repair or replace the automotive glass installed.




NuVision Auto Glass, LLC makes no other warranties of any kind. This Lifetime Warranty is automatically null and void if anyone other than NuVision Auto Glass, LLC approved personnel attempt to repair or replace any alleged damage the customer believes was caused by NuVision Auto Glass, LLC. If the Lifetime Warranty has become null and void NuVision Auto Glass, LLC will issue a written statement concerning the reason the Lifetime Warranty has become automatically null and void. After a written statement has been issued, this Lifetime Warranty shall be of no force or effect. Assignment of Proceeds and Authorization to Pay: For the Replacement or repair of the glass in my automobile I have insisted that, where possible, NuVision Auto Glass, LLC use parts and materials from original equivalent manufacturers in the replacement of my automobile glass. I authorize and direct my insurance company to release policy, coverage, and other information to NuVision Auto Glass, LLC. I hereby authorize and direct my insurance company to pay this invoice directly to NuVision Auto Glass, LLC and I assign any and all claims in connection with this automotive glass installation or repair against my insurance company and all policy proceeds due for this installation or repair to NuVision Auto Glass, LLC. I agree that if my insurer should ignore this directive to pay and the assignment of the policy proceeds and issue payment to me, I will immediately send payment to NuVision Auto Glass, LLC by either endorsing the check that I receive over to NuVision Auto Glass, LLC or paying NuVision Auto Glass, LLC an amount equal to what I receive. If I do not have the insurance coverage, I agree to pay for the work myself. I understand that all collection feels will be my responsibility. I am satisfied with the repair and replacement of my auto glass. For your convenience, if your check is dishonored or returned for any reason, this merchant will electronically debit your account for the amount of the check plus a processing fee of $25.00 (or legal limit) plus any applicable sales tax.

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