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Worst Driving Habits to Avoid

October 15, 2021

Quicks Tips to Avoiding Speeding Tickets

In the U.S., the average cost of a speeding ticket is about $150. However, all states have different fines for speeding tickets. So, the exact cost will be different based on which state you live in and how fast you drive.

Top 10 States With the Most Expensive Speeding Tickets

  1. Nevada – $1,000
  2. Alaska – $300
  3. Mississippi – $300
  4. New York – $300
  5. Arizona – $250
  6. New Hampshire – $248
  7. Texas – $229
  8. Florida – $226
  9. Rhode Island – $225
  10. Hawaii – $200

The most obvious way to avoid a speeding ticket is to abide by the traffic laws, particularly the speed limit. But in case that’s not enough, here are other ways that can help you avoid getting a speeding ticket:


  1. Drive the same speed as everyone else. If your vehicle is noticeably faster than the other cars on the road, traffic enforcers are more likely to spot you.
  2. Regularly check your speedometer. You may think that you are driving below the speed limit. But not checking your speedometer every now and then increases your chance of getting pulled over.
  3. Don’t be the lead car. If your car is the first one to pass a cop’s radar gun, your car is the most likely to be stopped. As much as possible, stay in the middle of the herd.
  4. Never drive aggressively. Basically, avoid doing things that will draw the attention of any nearby traffic patrol. Don’t change lanes frequently and don’t tailgate. Make sure that you will not stand out on the road.
  5. Stay polite. If all else fails and a traffic patrol pulled you in, the best thing to do is to stay polite. Sometimes, if you remain respectful and well-behaved, the traffic officer will just give you a warning and not issue a speeding ticket anymore.

NuVision does not support speeding. We just want to keep you informed on tips that can help you avoid getting a speeding ticket, which mostly revolves around having proper driving behavior. Know more quick tips to avoid speeding tickets by watching this informative Youtube clip:

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