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Identify names of side windows glass

October 23, 2023

What do you call the side windshield of a car?

What do you ​call the ​side windshield of ​a car? ​It might seem ​like a ​simple question, but ​it can ​lead to a ​surprisingly complex ​answer. The side ​windshield of ​a car is ​often referred ​to by a ​few different ​name, and the ​terminology can ​vary depending on ​where you ​are in the ​world. In ​this blog by ​Nuvision, we’ll ​delve into the ​various terms ​used to describe ​this essential ​part of a vehicle.

Side Window

One of the most common terms for the side windshield is the “side window.” This is a straightforward and practical name, as it describes precisely what the glass is—a window on the side of the car. The term “side window” is widely used in the United States, and you’ll often hear it in everyday conversations about cars. Whether you’re asking someone to roll down the side window or discussing tinting your side windows, this term is clear and unambiguous.

Side Glass

Another term that’s ​used to ​describe the side ​windshield is ​”side glass.” Like ​”side window,” ​it’s a simple ​and descriptive ​name that conveys ​the idea ​of a transparent ​surface on ​the side of ​the car. ​This term is ​also commonly ​used in the ​United States ​and is often ​used in ​the context of ​repairing or ​replacing damaged side ​glass.

Quarter Glass

In ​some regions, ​particularly ​in ​the ​United Kingdom, ​Australia, ​and ​New ​Zealand, the ​side ​windshield ​is ​referred to ​as ​”quarter ​glass.” ​The term ​”quarter ​glass” ​is ​derived from ​the ​idea ​that ​the car’s ​side ​windows ​are ​divided into ​quarters, ​with ​the ​front windshield ​being ​the ​first ​quarter, the ​rear ​windshield ​being ​the second ​quarter, ​and ​the ​side windows ​being ​the ​third ​and fourth ​quarters. ​While ​this ​term might ​be ​less ​common ​in the ​United ​States, ​it’s ​widely recognized ​in ​other ​English-speaking ​countries.

Door Glass

The side windshield ​can also ​be called “door ​glass,” particularly ​when it’s in ​the context ​of discussing the ​windows on ​the doors of ​the car. ​This term is ​self-explanatory and ​is used worldwide. ​When someone ​mentions that they ​need to ​replace their door ​glass or ​that their door ​glass is ​stuck, it’s clear ​that they’re ​talking about the ​side windshield ​of the car.

Side Window Pane

In certain cases, ​the term ​”side window pane” ​is used ​to describe the ​side windshield. ​A “pane” typically ​refers to ​a single sheet ​of glass, ​and the term ​”side window ​pane” emphasizes the ​individual nature ​of each window ​on the ​side of the ​car. This ​terminology is less ​common but ​can be found ​in various ​English-speaking regions.


In the context of vintage or classic cars, you might come across the term “side-lite.” This term has fallen out of common use and is mostly associated with older vehicles. It’s a charming throwback to a time when cars had a more artful and ornate design, and the glass on the sides of these cars was referred to as “side-lites.”

Fixed Window

Sometimes, the side windshield is simply called a “fixed window.” This term is used to distinguish the non-movable, stationary windows on the side of the car from the windows that can be rolled down or opened. Fixed windows are common on many modern vehicles and provide a sense of security and protection.

Vent Window

In some older cars, you might hear the side windshield referred to as a “vent window.” Vent windows were ​small, triangular ​windows that could ​be opened ​to allow fresh ​air into ​the car while ​still maintaining ​some degree of ​protection from ​the elements. While ​they are ​less common in ​modern cars, ​the term “vent ​window” is ​still used to ​describe these ​unique features in classic automobiles.


In the United Kingdom and other Commonwealth countries, another term for the side windshield is “quarter light.” This term is a variation of “quarter glass” and is often used to describe the small triangular windows in the front doors of some cars. These windows, also known as “vent windows,” can be opened for additional ventilation.

Fixed Vent Window

This term combines elements from various other terminologies. “Fixed vent window” is used to describe a non-movable, triangular window that provides ventilation. While not a widely used term, it’s precise in its description.

Side Vent

The side windshield ​is sometimes ​called a “side ​vent,” emphasizing ​its function as ​a means ​of letting air ​into the ​car’s interior. The ​term “side ​vent” is not ​as common ​as some of ​the others, ​but it’s still ​used in ​discussions about car ​design and ​features.

Side Quarter

In some informal conversations, you might hear the side windshield referred to as the “side quarter.” This is a simplified version of “quarter glass” and is easy to understand, even if it’s not the most technical term.


So, what do ​you call ​the side windshield ​of a ​car? The answer ​depends on ​where you are, ​the context ​of the conversation, ​and even ​personal preference. Whether ​you use ​terms like “side ​window,” “side ​glass,” “quarter glass,” ​”door glass,” ​or any of ​the other ​variations, the key ​is effective ​communication.

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