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The First 8 Things You Should Do After a Car Accident

July 9, 2020

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In the United States, an average of six million car accidents happen every year. Fortunately, only six percent of these results in the death of drivers or passengers. That, however, doesn’t mean that car accidents should not be taken seriously.

Drunkenness, overspeeding, and reckless driving are some of the most common reasons behind car accidents. Though not all accidents result in fatality, twenty-seven percent of them result in non-fatal injuries. The worst part is that around two million drivers suffer permanent injuries per year.

Here are the top 10 US States with the most number of car accidents:

  1. Florida

  2. Tennessee

  3. New Mexico

  4. Alabama

  5. Louisiana

  6. Texas

  7. Arizona

  8. Washington

  9. South Carolina

  10. North Carolina

Even the most careful drivers can be caught up in a roadside accident. That is why you must keep yourself informed of what’s the best thing to do once this happens to you. This will help you make sound and wise decisions to keep you safe and your rights protected.

Here are the first 8 things you should do after being caught up in car accident:

1. Move Your Car to Safer Area

If you can still control your car, move it immediately to a safer area. Not only this will prevent your car from causing traffic, you can also save yourself from being hit by approaching vehicles. If you have reflective triangles, set them up to warn other drivers about your situation.

It is normal to be in a state of shock. Afterall, car accidents can be a life and death situation. But make sure that you’ll remain calm and will not make any abrupt decisions. You will need that for you to think much clearer.

Never drive away from the scene of the car accident, especially if there are other vehicles involved or you have caused damage to another person’s property. That is a felony, which can put you years in jail.

2. Check Yourself for Injuries

Right after ensuring that you are parked in a safe area, check yourself for any injury. If there are other people inside the car with you, make sure that they are okay as well. You should check the other parties involved in the accident and make sure that they’re not also seriously injured.

Take time in doing this step. Some people might say they’re okay right after a car accident. Due to being in a state of shock, any of you might not feel the pain right away.

3. Seek Medical Help

If anyone is hurt, call 911 immediately. Regardless whether it’s a minor or serious injury, seeking medical attention should be considered. This makes sure that the injuries that any of you have sustained will be treated immediately and prevent complications.

In the United States, around three million people are injured every year because of car accidents. Of this, approximately forty thousand lose their lives, so make sure that anyone who needs medical attention will receive it.

If you have a first aid kit in your car, you can use it to treat minor injuries. Make sure that you have adequate first aid training before doing so. If you are not really trained, it would be best to wait for rescuers to avoid making matters worse.

4. Exchange Personal and Contact Information

Basic details that are usually shared between the people involved are their names and insurance information. But aside from this, you should also try getting the other party’s contact information, such as his address and contact number.

If possible, get the other driver’s license number and also the plate number of the involved car. Take note of the make, model, and color of the vehicle too. If there are any, make sure to get the names of all the passengers inside the other vehicle. Be willing to provide all the same information to the other party as well.

5. Talk to Witnesses

Once done exchanging details with the other parties involved, check if there are witnesses in the area. Their statements will be really useful to support any claims you may make in the future. Do not forget to get their names and contact information as well.

Try to find witnesses that can support that you are not the one at fault. You can use their statements to prove that the other driver is the one who caused the accident, in case the accident should be taken to the court.

6. Communicate with the Police

Even if it’s just a minor incident, getting the police involved must be considered. You can use this as a way to create an official report that would be needed when you make an insurance claim.

Make sure as well that when the police question you, you will answer as accurately as possible. Never make guesses or speculations of what really happened. If you are not sure, be honest about it.

Take note as well that some car accident injuries appear hours after the actual accident. So if a police officer asks you if you are injured or feeling anything weird, just say you’re unsure.

If possible, be there when other parties give their statements regarding what happened based on their perspectives. If that is not possible, you can just talk to the police officer right after he finishes conducting interviews with the other persons involved.

7. Document the Accident

Using your phone, document the car accident by taking as many photos as you can. Take shots from different angles. Make sure that you can capture ALL visible damage that your car has sustained. Take photos as well of all passengers that were injured because of the accident. You can use these photos as evidence when making claims.

Depending on which insurance company you are connected with, you may have a smartphone app that can document details of the accidents. Make sure that you have this on your phone to make documentation much easier.

In case your insurance company doesn’t have one, you can just use the free app developed by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) that can record the time of the accidents, make written details, email your agent, and so much more.

To make sure that you have every piece of information you may need, include the following on your documentation as well:

  • The police report number

  • Personal and contact information parties involved in the accident (including witnesses)

  • Name and badge number of the police officers.

8. Start the Claim Process

Once done dealing with the on site police officers and making your personal documentations of what happened, notify your insurance company immediately. However, this is a crucial step. You must be careful to not say anything that may suggest that you are the one responsible for the car accident.

If you have one, you can reach out to your personal injury attorney for assistance. He can help you come up with a statement that guarantees that you will be compensated properly for the damages and injuries caused by the accident.

Simple Tips to Avoid Car Accidents

Getting caught in a car accident is undoubtedly a hassle. For this reason, you must take precautions every time you are driving your car. Here are some basic tips to help you avoid car accidents.

  • Never drive while you’re drunk or under the influence of alcohol.

  • Avoid using your phone while driving.

  • Do not overload the car.

  • Beware of blindspots.

  • Keep your car in good shape.

Keep Safe and Know What to Do

As drivers, we try our best to keep ourselves safe on the road. But unfortunately, despite all precautionary efforts we take, chances of roadside emergencies are still there. That’s why we must be prepared once this happens. With this guide that we have just provided you, we hope that you are now aware of what you must do right after being caught up in a car accident.


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