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The Dangers of DIY Windshield Repair

April 21, 2021

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Does your windshield have a crack or chip? What are you planning to do now? Are you wondering if you can attempt to repair your windshield yourself? With the help of DIY windshield repair kits, that’s possible.

Unfortunately, these kits may not be as perfect as you think. DIY windshield repair kits may be an affordable and convenient solution for some, but there are huge risks associated with repairing your windshield yourself.

The following are some reasons why a DIY windshield repair is a bad idea:

Why You Should Not Repair Your Windshield Yourself

You May Not Be Totally Equipped To Do It

One of the most obvious risks of DIY windshield repair is the lack of expertise. So before making this move, ask yourself: Do you have the knowledge and right set of tools to pull this off? Because if not, then the answer is definite — you are not capable of repairing your windshield yourself.

There may be tutorial videos online that can help you learn how to use a DIY windshield repair kit. But even if you follow what they tell you, you can still end up doing a bad job – which just exacerbates the problems.

It would be better to just contact a certified auto glass shop for assistance. They employ highly trained professionals who are equipped with the right set of tools, allowing them to do the job seamlessly.

The Damage May Not Be Repairable

Windshield damages vary and thus, they need different approaches. So even if you’re confident enough that you can pull off replacing your windshield properly and you have the right tools, products, and equipment for the procedure; you can still end up doing a bad job.

This means that even if you carefully followed the instructions on the DIY kit, there is still a good chance that you don’t complete the procedure properly. This weakens the structural integrity of your windshield, increasing the chances of breakage during driving.

Moreover, not all windshield damages are repairable. If you go to a professional windshield repair technician, they can assess whether the chip or crack on your glass is repairable — providing you the best solution possible.

You End Up Spending More

Probably, the reason you chose to repair your windshield yourself is to minimize cost. But as mentioned above, lack of expertise in executing this procedure can just result in faulty DIY repair. And what happens after that? Your problem worsens, causing you to spend more.

How? Once you fail to properly execute a DIY windshield repair, you will end up calling the help of a windshield repair technician. What’s worse is that depending on the faulty job you did, your windshield might end up unrepairable. Your windshield repair technician will recommend you instead to get a complete windshield replacement, which is significantly more expensive.

Got Windshield Chips and Cracks? Trust the Experts

For some people, DIY windshield repair kits may be a good choice. But if you have any doubt that you can do this procedure seamlessly, we suggest that you should never try it. The best thing you can do is to rely on professionals and have a certified auto glass shop take care of repairing your windshield damage. This gives you the assurance that your windshield will be repaired properly — saving you from any inconvenience that your lack of expertise may cause.


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