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The 3 Worst Places To Park Your Car

April 21, 2021

If you live in an urban area, I am sure you know the struggle of finding a good spot to safely park your car. But not just because finding a good parking space can be stressful and frustrating, you can just park your car in any free spot you find. Doing this might leave your car parked in an unsecured area, exposing it to possible damages and theft.

Here are some places to religiously avoid when parking your car:

The Worst Places To Park Your Car

Under Trees

Though it is suggested that you park in a shaded area, think twice before doing it under a tree, especially during rainy or windy days. This is because tree branches and other debris may fall into your car, causing damages.

However, if it’s sunny outside, you can take your chances and park under trees. Just make sure to change your parking spot whenever the weather changes.

Dark and Isolated Public Areas

Parking in dark areas makes your car an easy target for criminals. That is why it is always a good idea to find a parking space that is well-lit and located in an area that people can see.

Thieves also usually target cars that are left in isolated areas, as this gives them a lower risk of getting caught. They can break into your car and steal any valuables you’ve left inside. Worse, they can hotwire your car and drive it away. So unless you want thieves to take a dirty look at your car, avoid dark and isolated areas at all times.

Near Construction Zones

With all the possible gravel, cement, and other debris that can hit your car in these areas, avoiding parking near a construction site should be common knowledge to all car owners.

If there is a road or building construction going on near your usual parking spot, try to find an alternative area in the meantime. It is better to walk a couple more blocks than to see your car be damaged by whatever debris from a construction site.

Park Safely

You should be aware of all the best ways on how to keep your car safe. And yes, doing this does not end with practicing proper driving habits and following a regular maintenance schedule. You should also be aware of those places that you should avoid when parking your car.

Keep in mind that when your car is parked, it is also the time you are not around it to keep it safe from dings, dents, scrapes, and even theft. Knowing the worst places to park will help you avoid locations that make your car more prone to different hazards.

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