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How do I know if my replacement windshield is OEM?

July 18, 2023

Before we dive into the specifics, let’s understand what an OEM windshield is. OEM, or Original Equipment Manufacturer, means that the windshield is manufactured by the same company that made the original windshield for your vehicle.

Importance of OEM Windshields

The importance of OEM windshields cannot be overstated. When you have an OEM, windshield installed on your vehicle, it means you’re getting a piece of glass that’s designed specifically for your car’s make and model. This is the exact same windshield that was originally installed when your vehicle was manufactured. Here are reasons why OEM windshields are important:

Perfect Fit: Each OEM windshield is designed to match the exact specifications of the original windshield. This ensures a perfect fit, which contributes to the structural integrity of the vehicle.

Optimal Safety: The windshields play a vital role in the overall safety of a vehicle, especially during accidents. The OEM windshields are designed to shatter in a specific way to minimize injury to passengers. They also support the deployment and operation of passenger-side airbags.

Quality and Durability: OEM windshields undergo rigorous testing and are held to high-quality standards. They typically offer better clarity, fewer distortions, and higher resistance to impact, and extreme temperatures compared to aftermarket windshields.

Ensuring Functionality: If your car comes with advanced features such as rain sensors, heads-up displays, or advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS), an OEM windshield will ensure that these systems function as intended. Aftermarket windshields may not always be compatible with these high-tech features.

Preserving Vehicle Value: Using OEM parts, including windshields, can help maintain the resale value of your vehicle. Prospective buyers often look for vehicles that maintain original parts.

So, while an OEM windshield may cost a bit more upfront compared to its aftermarket counterpart, it can save you from potential issues down the line. It gives you peace of mind knowing that you have the best possible windshield for your vehicle – one that’s designed to provide optimum safety, performance, and comfort.

Identifying if my replacement windshield is OEM

Now we come to our main question how do I know if my replacement windshield is OEM? If you’ve recently had your windshield replaced, you might be wondering how to tell if your new windshield is an OEM one. Identifying an OEM windshield can be quite straightforward, thanks to a few telltale signs. Here are some methods to help you determine if your replacement windshield is OEM:

Checking for Manufacturer’s Marks

OEM windshields often have a distinct marking or logo that is usually etched in one of the corners. These manufacturer’s marks can include the logo, the brand name, or specific codes. Check for these marks as your first step. If you can find them and they match with your vehicle’s brand, you’re likely dealing with an OEM windshield.


Inspecting the Windshield Fit

A perfect fit is another characteristic of an OEM windshield. OEM windshields are made to the exact specifications of the car model, ensuring a flawless fit without any gaps or irregularities. If the windshield fits perfectly and seamlessly onto your vehicle, it might be an OEM product.

Examining the Quality of the Glass

The quality of the glass in OEM windshields is usually superior to that of aftermarket ones. Check for distortions by looking through the windshield from various angles. If you don’t notice any waviness and the clarity of the glass is excellent, you’re likely dealing with an OEM windshield.

Verifying with the Auto Glass Company

When in doubt, don’t hesitate to ask the company that replaced your windshield. If they are reputable, they should have no problem confirming whether the windshield they installed is OEM or aftermarket.

Remember, having an OEM windshield installed in your vehicle ensures optimal safety, perfect fit, and superior quality. Therefore, it’s always worth confirming its authenticity.


In the end, knowing whether your replacement windshield is OEM can give you peace of mind and ensure your safety. Remember, when it comes to your vehicle, quality should never be compromised. Nuvision excels in providing top-quality OEM windshields, ensuring perfect fit, superior durability, and optimal safety, backed by expert installation and exceptional customer service.

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