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Best Car Games To Play On Your Next Road Trip

August 30, 2020

Is your next road trip already set? Have you checked the car and made sure it’s road trip- ready? Have you made a list of all the essentials — food, clothing, travel pillows, etc. — that you’ll bring with you on the trip? If yes, then you’re probably thinking that you’re ready to hit the roads.

However, that is not the case. Road trips really sound exciting. That’s for sure! But, that enthusiasm will soon fade away once you’re in the car for several hours just sitting. You can play mobile games, use social media, or watch a movie or two to pass the time. Unfortunately, that is not as exciting as spending quality time with those people your road tripping with.

So what should you do? You’ve guessed that right: Play some car games. And to help you with car game ideas on your next road trip, we’ve listed 5 must-try. Here are some games you can play with family and friends on your next road trip:

5 Fun Road Trip Games To Try

1. I Spy

What is it? A fun and exciting game you can play with your whole family. This classic game can be enjoyed by any age group — perfect if you’re travelling with your kids.

How to Play? The game starts when a player chooses a random object that he can see on the road or inside the car. He will then give the passengers a clue by saying the line “”I spy with my little eye, something that…” followed by a clue. It can be the color or the letter the random object begins with

EXAMPLE – Mystery Object: Apple Clue: I spy with my little eye, something that is red.

Each player will then take turns to guess what it is. They can use their turn to ask questions that can help them figure out the mystery object. But if a player thinks that they know the answer, he can guess it by voicing out the line “Is it that…” before saying his answer.

The player who guesses the mystery object will be the new “It.”

2. Movie Game

What is it? For all the film buffs out there, this is the perfect car game for you!

How to Play? Each passenger in the car will take turns in naming actors and movies they were a part of. The game starts with the first player naming any actor or actress. The next player will then name a movie that actor/actress has starred in. The 3rd player will name another actor/actress from that movie, and whoever is next must name another movie that actor became a part of.

EXAMPLE – the first player says Chris Evans. The 2nd player must name one of his movies. For this scenario, let’s use The Avengers. The 3rd player should then name another actor from that movie (e.g. Robert Downey Jr.) and whoever is next must name one of his other movies and so on.

3. Twenty-One Questions

What is it? A classic yet exciting car game. Other passengers will try to figure out what you are thinking by asking you 21 different questions.

How to Play? Think of any random object, person, event, or anything else. Each person in the car can ask you questions about it that you must answer honestly. Questions should not be repeated, but anyone can ask questions at any time. Whoever guesses it right will lead the next round.

4. The Singing Game

What is it? If singing is your thing, then this one for you. Channel your inner Mariah Carey with this sing-along game where passengers need to connect one song with another.

How to Play? The game starts when one passenger sings a song. The next person needs to connect that song to a different song. A person will be out of the game if he messes up the lyrics or fails to think of a song that connects with the previous song.

EXAMPLE – one sings “Cause this is thriller, thriller night. And no one’s gonna save you…” The next person should sing a song that connects to that, which can be something like “… change your mind like a girl changes clothes…

5. The Hot Seat

What is it? It is a fun game where every person in the car takes turns in the “Hot Seat” and answers any kind of questions (probably explosive and controversial). This is perfect if you are all adults in the car so that the questions can get as wild as it gets.

How to Play? Once a person is in the “hot seat,” the other passenger can ask him five questions (or make the number higher, if you want to). He is required to answer honestly, but one veto is allowed. After completing the five questions, move on to the next passenger.

Bid Goodbye to Boring Road Trips

While the destination is more the most fun is, your time on the road should be one hell of an experience as well. Car games will help you do the trick. So keep in mind these exciting, fun games above and keep everyone entertained on your next road trip. You can also look for other car games or formulate original games on your own. That sounds exciting, right?

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