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7 Easy-To-Do Tips To Keep Your Car Clean

December 18, 2020

Keeping your car clean does more than just making it look nice. Aside from keeping up with your car maintenance schedule, regular car washing can also significantly make your car last longer. You can either wash it yourself at home or bring it to a car wash near your place.

But regardless of who washes your car, you should be aware of certain practices that will surely minimize messes inside your car. Here are some of them:

How to Keep Your Car Clean

Knock Your Shoes Off

Knocking your shoes off before getting inside your car is a practice that can significantly decrease the dirt that gets inside it. The less dirt inside your car, the less effort you need to keep it clean. Unfortunately, there is no way you can knock off every dirt before you climb in your car, so make sure that you will still regularly clean your floor mats.

Protect Your Cup Holders

Your coffee or soda can drip and spill on your cup holders, making it dirty and sticky to touch (Gross!). To avoid that, you can put liners inside the cup holders. These can catch possible spills and prevent the liquid from making the holder sticky.

You can either buy dedicated cup holder liners or you can just use silicone cupcake liners. Either way, this is a much-needed product for those people who love to drink coffee while driving.

Make Sure Seats Are Always Clean

One simple look inside your car and you can tell that seats are one of the areas most prone to dirt. You sit there, you put things there, and of course food crumbs can be stuck there. So, if you really want to maintain the cleanliness inside your car, make sure to clean your seats on a regular basis.

How to do it? That depends on what type of coverings your seats have— leather, vinyl, or cloth. For leather seats, you can just simply wipe them with leather cleaners. If you have vinyl upholstery or cloth car seats, you can use an all-around car cleaner spray. For set-in stain in cloth seat covers, you can also clean it using a cleaning foam spray and brush it using a detail brush.

Put Car Dusters Inside The Glove Compartment

The best way to avoid dust buildup inside your car, particularly inside your dashboard, is to  clean as soon as you notice them. To help you with this, it would be convenient to have a handy car duster stored inside your glove compartment.

When you see dust and dirt, get the duster and clean up the dusty area immediately. Just make sure you are safely parked or the stop light is on before doing it.

Install Car Seat Gap Fillers

Aside from a swiffer duster, another useful product you should purchase are gap fillers. Car seats have gaps where dirt can get into.  By installing gap fillers, which you can conveniently purchase from Amazon and other e-commerce sites, you will be able to block possible dirt entryways.

Maybe you’ve dropped your phone in those seat gaps before. With fillers installed, you don’t have to worry about that anymore. Plus, you can keep food crumbs and any other rubbish from getting into those gaps, making it easier for you to clean your car’s interior.

Keep a Trash Can Inside Your Car

It could be as simple as a plastic bag where you can throw tissues, food wrappers, coffee cups, and other junk you may have while inside your car. With a designated container for your trash, you can prevent them from causing any issues affecting the neatness of your car. Just make sure to take it out at night or when it’s full.

Clean Up Stains Immediately

Okay. So, you have a trash can inside your car where you can throw away food wrappers and beverage cups. But, what will you do if your food leaves stains while you’re eating inside the car? Obviously, you need to clean it, but how soon?

To put it simply, you must clean every mess as they happen. The longer stains stay in your car seats, mats, or carpet, the harder it is to clean. What’s worse is that neglecting to clean up stains immediately can lead to permanent marks, which I’m sure you don’t want.

Make Keeping Your Car Clean a Habit

A clean, dirt-free car transcends beyond vanity. It’s one of the simplest things you can do to keep your car last as long as possible. Make sure to keep in mind the tips above and schedule regular cleaning and vacuuming. If you don’t have the time to wash your car yourself, there are surely dozens of car washes in your area that can do it for you.

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