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5 Ways To Keep Your Car Cool During Summer

July 9, 2020

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It’s summer all over again. It is now the perfect time to go on vacations, road trips, or just enjoy a day at the beach. But due to extreme heat, the temperature inside your car may become unbearable — making your driving experience unpleasant.

Good thing there are few things you can do to protect your car from this blazing heat. Read on to learn about 5 effective ways to keep your car cool this summer season:

1. Park in a Shady Area
One obvious and cost-effective way to do this is by parking your car in a shady area. As much as possible, avoid uncovered parking lots. They can heat up your car fast and make you feel uncomfortable when you get in — even if you just leave it for a few minutes.

If you are to leave your car for several hours, it would be better to find covered park garages. Trust us, the fee will be worth it during summer seasons.

2. Use Windshield Sunshade and Dash Cover
In case you can’t find a shady parking spot, you can just use a windshield sunshade to cover your car from direct sunlight.

Just park with your car’s front side directly facing the sun. This is to make sure that the windshield sunshade will be in the correct position and cover the entire vehicle from the heat. However, take note that sunshades can be too hot to touch when it’s time to remove them, so be careful.

Aside from windshield sunshades, consider getting dash covers as well. They are primarily used to reduce windshield glare, but they are also effective in keeping your car cool and more comfortable for you during summer. They disperse heat and act as a protection layer so you won’t have to directly touch your dashboard’s vinyl surfaces — which can heat up excessively.

3. Put a Towel on Your Steering Wheel
Even with a sunshade or dash cover, your steering wheel can still heat up during hot summer days. This might make you feel uncomfortable or even make holding your steering wheel unbearable.

The best solution for this is to cover your steering wheel with a small towel every time you leave your car. The towel will absorb the heat and also protect your steering wheel’s cover from deteriorating.

If you get into the car and feel that the steering wheel is still too hot for you to hold, we suggest that you dampen the towel and run it over the steering wheel. If you are not in a hurry, you can leave the towel on it for a while.

4. Cover your Seats with Blankets
Well, not all the time, of course! Nobody would want that, especially those who invested in customizing their seat covers. However, vinyl and leather seats heat up like crazy during summer, so you need to do something to minimize it.

To prevent car seats from heating too much, what you can do is have them covered with bed sheets every time you get out of the car. This is particularly useful during summer when it could get too hot, regardless whether you are parked outside or in the garage.

Light-colored cotton bed sheets will work best, but whatever bed sheets you have is okay. When you place them in your car, they’ll soak up the heat — preventing your car seats from absorbing it.

When it’s time to use your car, you can just fold them up and put the blankets in the trunk.

5. Have Your Car Windows Tinted
Car window tinting offers a couple of benefits. It provides you with better privacy and keeps your car upholstery from fading. But another great benefit is that it blocks sunlight from entering your car, which is something you will appreciate more during this time of the year.

Depending on the grade, tinted car windows can make your vehicle up to 60% cooler. It also blocks 99% of the sun’s ultraviolet rays — keeping you safe from diseases such as skin cancer.

Make your car summer-ready! Nobody would want to feel like they are being roasted alive when they enter their car, right? So follow our tips above and never suffer a sweltering car again!



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