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3 Telltale Signs That You Need A New Car

April 22, 2021

Consumer Reports reveals that newer vehicles typically last about eight years, with well-maintained cars lasting a couple years more. Unfortunately, despite our efforts to keep our car in tip-top condition, they are simply not built to last forever. There will be a day when we need to let go of our old car and buy a new one.

But when should you buy a new car, or at least get a different one? Here are 3 signs that you need to get rid of your current car:

When should you buy a new car?

Your car needs expensive repairs

It is advisable for every car owner to visit the mechanic every once in a while. But once your car starts to break down more and more frequently, that’s already a serious problem. And we’re not just talking about small repairs here, we’re talking about issues that prevent you from driving your car. If you experience this, then it is definitely time to get a new car.

Beyond the hassle of frequent breakdowns is the amount that you are required to spend for repairs. If your car breaks down every two to three months, do you still think that it is still economical to keep it? You might not even be aware, but maybe the money you spent on repairs is almost the price of a newer, better vehicle.

It no longer fits you

There can be many reasons behind this. Maybe you bought your car when you are still single, and now that your family is growing you need a bigger vehicle.

We change our cars to fit with our current lifestyle. If you now have three kids, will you still keep on using a subcompact car like Toyota Yaris instead of getting a bigger, more roomy vehicle such as a minivan? I don’t think so.

However, a car that is a poor fit for you doesn’t always mean that is small for your needs. It can go the other way around. Maybe you own an SUV and are looking for a more economical alternative. Then, you can sell your old vehicle and get a small one that suits your current lifestyle and needs.

Safety is Becoming An Issue

Despite taking care of your car rigorously, there will be a time when it will just be more prone to breaking down, making it a safety issue. If your car is too old or the car’s odometer reads more than a hundred miles, expect its performance to go downhill. That is a sign that you must get a new car.

Plus, technological advancements have significantly changed the safety of new vehicles. Newer cars have top-of-the-class road safety features that can help drivers drive securely and even notify them of any possible dangers on the road.

So, is it time to get a new car?

Getting a new car doesn’t need to have a big reason at all. If you just feel like getting a new car and you can afford it, feel free to do it. It is never wrong to buy something just because you want it.

But if you are someone who doesn’t want to splurge like that, then that is okay as well. You can just get a new car when the need arises. Let the three scenarios we listed above be your indications when it is time to purchase a new sweet ride.

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